Resolutions: Come at me 2018!


Hello 2018! I'm ready for the New Year. I have a hard time setting resolutions because I feel like I will never stick to them. Although this year, I started early! My main goal going forward into 2018 & beyond is to live more simply and minimalistic. That means letting go of material things that are stacking inside my room, being more financially fit (Example: less random Target shopping - you know what I I-went-to-buy-milk-but-I-came-home-with-new-bedding-dvds-make-up-and-I-forgot-to-buy-my-milk-target-shopping.

3 Reasons Why I Choose to Live More Simply

1. To leave more room for creative endeavors. I won't use my "I need to clean my room before I start on this project first excuse) I believe having a clean room = more productivity. My new environment would help my music, video content and blogging become more consistent.

2. I want to pay off my student loans instead of drown in them. Coffee and eating out adds up! I don't have to buy coffee everyday. It's time to be my own barista. I've been working on my financial goals earlier this year. 2018 is where I lay the law down (I don't need it, I don't need it...)

3. I just want to simply LIVE and enjoy experiences instead of hoarding things I think I will use one day. It's not just about removing material goods, but also the baggage we carry mentally. The past couple years I felt I lost that spark in my soul. I felt spiritually disconnected from art and I'm on my path to find it all over again.

Need some book inspiration?

I love these books! It helped me reflect on my own life to change what I needed. I actually got rid of clothing and things I just didn't need anymore. Of course, I still have more to do! I am trusting the process.

  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering & Organizing By Marie Kondo
  • Broke Millennial By Erin Lowry

All in all, I want to do what is good for my soul and help others find their spark! What are your goals for 2018?

Love & Light!