Local Adventures


I believe when you commit to your passions, the right people and places will come your way. Today was one of those days. I had an awesome meeting this morning that really solidified my passion for helping local businesses and communities. It motivated to build on my skills to provide great content that helps tells their story. We connect through stories and I am thankful for friends, family, artists and strangers sharing them with me.

After the meeting, we took a detour to Fool’s Gold in San Juan Bautista where we met the owner. She left the corporate tech industry and started her own vintage shop that’s been thriving for 20+ years. I told her I was from Sunnyvale and the city is getting a bit crowded now so I appreciate small towns and local shops like hers. One of the things that she said that stood out was how people come in to check out records and create a beautiful connection sharing their music. I believe art can bind the right souls together. The best part of shopping local is striking up these conversations! That is one of the reasons I love to shop and support local because the ability to meet others and connect. I appreciate all these moments and I do believe people meet for a reason.

Also, I came home with a vintage gold clutch from the 60’s! If you are in San Juan Bautista please visit Fool’s Gold and find some neat treasures for yourself. ☺️

Where is your favorite local store to shop? Any places you would recommend?

Lailani AfricaComment