Raise Your Vibration 2019


2018 was about taking risks and trying out different things to look internally about who I am and understand my vision! In May 2018, I took a giant leap of faith and started business coaching sessions. Anthony Campo of Battle Ready Business helped me with my vision, goal setting and making things happen! Not only does he help with business aspects, but also finding balance in your personal life to achieve your goals.

Through that 6 month journey, I went from a ball of insecurity to finding confidence in my abilities through actionable goals each week while changing my thoughts and habits.

During my 6 month journey, I tried out different habits to lead a balanced lifestyle whether it was drinking a green smoothie everyday, working out, journaling, meditating and sharing more gratitude and time with friends, family and colleagues. My best weeks were incorporating those into my weekly habits. I felt happier, healthier and confident to take on my personal and business goals!

Some days and weeks, you may fall off that track and I am guilty of that! That is why I am creating this year's theme as "Raise Your Vibration" 2019. This is where I take all the good habits I've learned about in 2018 and bring them to 2019 with consistency and into a new lifestyle.

2019 is where I allow only good energy into my life and let it flow into my personal well being and career goals!

What does that mean though??

It's where I say byyyyeeeeeeeee....to the things that don't matter to leave room for the things that help me say HELLO to my goals!

In terms of content, I'll be gearing up my Instagram with new content on my feed and insta story to reflect that journey. In 2019, I am hoping to partner with like-mind brands for my influencer work and also gain new clients for my creative agency, Chi!

Follow me on instagram @lailaniafrica for my personal journey and @chicreativeagency for my business updates!

Let's chat! How will you Raise your Vibration into 2019?