CHIAdventures: Philz 5x with Ruben

It's been chilly in the bay, but when you are bundled up with coffee in hand, it feels like you can conquer the world. :) Well something like that. Instead of me doing the invite to the coffeehouse Ruben took me on a Philz tour in the city. He was feeling inspired and when that happens I feel the vibe too. He's always wanted to visit all the locations. We visited 5 locations and started in Sausalito and ended it at the first Philz location in the mission.

I love coffeehouse culture. I love the ambience and the different people you meet. Every area has it's own feel. It's a place where you can work, study, attend open mics, hang out and relax. There is a coffeehouse suited for everyone. The Philz locations in SF area feel a little more cozier. Less outlets mean less people on their computers and more conversations. My favorite locations are Palo Alto, San Mateo and the SF Mission area.

I miss these cafe adventures! I will be off on to more and will probably be sharing my favorite places in this blog. I'm glad to share it with someone who can hang out with me at a coffeehouse all day. Sometimes that's all I need. A warm drink, conversation and great company.

You can see photos of our Philz day on my Instagram @LailaniAfrica HASHTAG #THECOFFEEHOUSEINVITE