Songwriting: 7 Ways To Free Your Writer's Block

It all happens to us: The dreaded writer’s block consumes and you end up staring at a blank piece of paper for hours. Here are some ways I help to combat writer's block. I want to hear what you think! Have you tried any of the tips below? Any tips you can share with our readers?

1. Clean your space

Less clutter around you, less clutter on your mind. I feel more creative when I have a clean space. I am in the process of decluttering my space and it feels great having less stuff! I can focus more on creating than on the clutter.

2. Take a break

Forcing the words out of you makes it well sound...forced...I take breaks from my writing  session and do other tasks such as making myself a cup of tea or coffee, running errands or focusing on other projects. Sometimes you will find your “ah hah!” moment when you’re not even thinking about it.

3. Write a trail of thoughts

I have a tendency to edit and filter myself when I start to write. Sometimes giving up control and trying not to make it sound “perfect” can help get your ideas out. There is always time to edit later. 

4. Object Writing

Pick a random object around you and write about it using all your 5 senses! (Touch, taste, smell, sight and sound) This is an exercise that helps me get more descriptive when I write songs. Getting in touch with our other senses adds another element to our writing.

5. Listen to different music

Listening to music that you normally don’t listen to. Different genres can bring out different emotions and imagery. Use that imagery and apply it to your writing.

6. Collaborate with others

Some of the best songs I’ve written were with other people! Finding a collaborator is a great idea because you can help with each other strengths and weakness. They can also inspire you to see the creative process in new ways.

7. Find a place to write

Sometimes I get distracted when I’m at home. Find a place that gets you into the mood to write. I usually find a coffeehouse to get my work done. A few local places I like to write are at Big Mug Coffee (Santa Clara), Sunnyvale Art Gallery (Sunnyvale) and Cafe Frascatti (San Jose). All I need is a drink, notebook and pen in hand to start my session.

I can't wait to hear your tips! Please share in the comment box below.