6 Tips On Staying Motivated And Creative By Our Featured Guests and Readers.

Hello there CHI readers! Here are 6 tips on staying motivated and creative from our CHI featured guests and readers. Although they all come from different artistic backgrounds, they shed some great advice on staying creativity and following your passions. We can try applying these tips in our own pursuits. There are so many talented artists and entrepreneurs in the Bay Area. I believe collaboration and sharing our ideas is important for our community. What advice would you give? Chime in on the comment section below.

1. “I write about what has meaning to me. I write about what I know OR Research. Observe. Carry a notebook, or put notes on a phone or tablet of interesting events, things people say, mannerisms and quirks. Find something interesting or unusual in the ordinary. Put two or more things, people, events, circumstances or ideas together that may not seem like they fit together. Use limitations of time, word choices, genre, etc. to help with choices in a song. Try different instruments, different time signatures, tempos, chord progressions, the unusual, anything to send my subconscious in a new direction. Most importantly, write often, give myself permission to write without judgment, I can always edit later, and participate in supportive group challenges like February Album Writing Month which starts in three weeks fawm.org”

-Andy Getch

2. “So my advice for music is educate yourself with this business and perform as much as possible. Don't wait on others, Never pay to perform, and most importantly believe in your craft and don't let any bring you down by their words or actions.”

-Davied Morales (Actor, Rapper, Writer)

3. “I grew up incredibly bound to many different ideals and those things I feel kills creativity. Over the past few years I've tried adopting the “who care?” method. I'm not saying be an asshole, just don't let normal everyday things rain on your parade. By trying to find reason for why people do things and just laugh and frustrating moments it's given me more perspective to use for numerous projects, just more heightened.”

-Ruben Escalante (Filmmaker)

4. “Write down everything! I mean everything! Those momentary flickers of inspiration should be documented. Even if it may seem insignificant at the moment, having it written somewhere will allow you to draw back to that moment and develop it more. If not that , then it could also become an integral part of a project in progress.”

-Branden Nguyen (Jazz Musician/Business Owner)

5. “With so little time it becomes difficult to stay focused on the creative part of life. I may not be taking pictures or building dioramas or even buying toys but as I scroll through Instagram, watch movies or walk around campus, I take screenshots and pictures and log them away. When I finally have time I'll go and take some new photos inspired by the shots I took. Right now inspiration comes from everywhere. I have ideas and I keep note of them and I know when everything settles down and I have some time I'll be able to make some more art. I have also been working on graphics, framing and photography for class so that's been helping me get prepared to make better shots in the long run.

Artistic inspiration can be found in even the unlikeliest of places and any artist should just stay alert and open minded.

-Kato Guzman (Toy Photographer)

6. Trying something that I normally wouldn't do makes me excited and motivated to start creating. A cup of coffee always helps too :)

-Bao Tran Lai Nguyen (Owner of Etsy Shop PaperWaltz)

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