Chemex and Crafting with Paper Waltz!

The Coffeehouse Invites presents Etsy Cardmaker, Baotran Lai-Nguyen! Bao is super crafty and talented. Recently, she opened up her own Etsy Store. I am so excited to be the first to share her work! She’s my fellow partner in crime and coffee addict. It was only fitting that we craft over a fresh brew. Bao started creating cards in middle school for her friend’s birthdays and other special occasions. Her inspiration for her cards comes from the person she is making them for since she likes to personalize each one. I love the homemade, rustic feel of her designs. She shares with us one of her shaker card designs! The sequins in the mason jar are a cute little touch to make for your loved one this Valentine’s Day or any other day. :) Feel free to get creative with your materials. Instead of sequins, try hearts. Use this as a guide and enjoy! You can find all these materials at Michael's. More designs can be found on her Etsy Shop, Paper Waltz. Let us know how your cards turn out and hashtag #PaperWaltz





Pre-made blank card

Mason Jar Stamp Design

Exacto Knife

Black Marker

Elmer’s Tape Runner

Acetate Paper

Foam Sticker




1. Take your cardstock and stamp the mason jar design

2. Using the exacto knife, cut out the outline of the base on the mason jar

3. Outline with mason jar cut-out with the black marker to make it more distinct.

4. On the back of the cardstock, use tape runner to glue acetate paper behind the cut-out.

5. Cut the foam sticker into strips (about ½ width) Align the foam strips to fit around the sides of the cardstock and around the mason jar cut-out. The foam sticker will allow space for the sequins to move around.

6. Place sequins on top of acetate paper.

7. Take another piece of cardstock with design and glue it on top of the acetate and foam.

8. Place your chosen sticker design and place over mason jar design.

9. Super glue a cute little ribbon on the corner of mason jar design.

10. Using your tape runner, glue the cardstock with the mason jar design on top of the card.