Tea Talks with Chris Quality

It's early Saturday morning at the Forager inn DTSJ. I meet up with Bay Area Hip Hop Artist and head of Knockface Entertainment, Chris Quality.  I was able to interview him at Max Muscle, Eastridge's DJ in Center Court event and now he is our CHI Guest! He shares great advice about pursuing the music industry. In the video interview, he delves in songwriting and writer's block. He is definitely an artist you need to connect with if you're interested in collaborating on projects.

The Coffeehouse Invite: Hi Chris, Tell us what you do? What is Knockface Entertainment?

Chris Quality: Thank you for having me, I am an Artist-Songwriter for both Hip Hop and R&B. I’m also an A&R, matching Artist with sounds, and helping develop sounds.

The Coffeehouse Invite: How did you become interested in pursuing music?

Chris Quality: It was Love at first listen, from my earliest memories, I remember Purple Rain and Thriller, remembering being so captivated by the sounds and performance. Then when I came across Hip Hop, that solidified it!

The Coffeehouse Invite: Tell us a hurdle you've had in the music industry and how you handled it?

Chris Quality: I don’t think there’s too many hurdles. Most are self imposed if you ask me. I would say getting my sound to break, staying true to what music I feel best about. If you listen to many radio stations, much music sounds the same, and in acts of desperation many people may just give into the trend not sticking to the music that makes them come alive most.

The Coffeehouse Invite: What three tips would you give someone who would like to pursue music ?

Chris Quality:

1. Figure out whether it’s a hobby or a career, and when you do that, give it your all

2. Go to a music conference, whether it’s local, ASCAP/CD Baby/Revolt, meeting the people there, you get get to meet industry insiders and music veterans, and just the pure fire in the heart of all these musicians makes you feel amazing

3. Be humble, that doesn’t mean be meek and quiet, it means go out and do what needs to be done. I’ve been in studios where I’ve help clean up,

4. Find your A Team, you’re engineer is crucial, they’re the ones who makes your song come alive and control the quality of the mix, make sure you gel well together and if you find a good one, keep there because jumping from engineer to engineer can end up being expensive  and taxing on one's music morale.

The Coffeehouse Invite: Here at CHI, we want to connect you with others. Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with or reach out to?

Chris Quality: Bay Area wise, I want to collaborate with Goapele and Raphael Saadiq. Globally, I feel Adele and I would create something amazingly powerful.

Check out his track "One Night"