Kato Guzman's One Year Update with CHI

It’s The Coffeehouse Invite’s One Year Anniversary this month! We’re kicking off this month by giving you an update on our very first guest, Kato Guzman! We featured his toy photography work one year ago. Now we hear he has a new movie review site called DoubleEnGenre. Kato gives us the scoop on what he’s been doing this past year and what we can expect from him in the future.

Photography by Kato Guzman

Photography by Kato Guzman

The Coffeehouse Invite:  It's been a year since we did your feature! Update us on your Toy Photography. Any cool projects you've been working on?

Kato Guzman: I've stepped away from toy photography for a bit to take care of my life. I recently graduated from college, started working as a copywriter and moved into a new apartment not to mention starting my website. I've also been working on making a ton of toy photography props and dioramas.

The Coffeehouse Invite:  What goals have you accomplished in the past year?

Kato Guzman: In addition to graduating, finding a job, getting articles published and moving out, I started my website and I got to be a guest on the podcast that got me back into action figure collecting and toy photography and they even helped promote my site. They're awesome guys over at the Action Toy Art Podcast for anyone into toys. I also got support from my friends at the Raw, Live and Unedited Podcasting Network.

I also started selling off parts of my collection. I sold about half my toys and a third of my comics to make room and pay off some bills. It hurts to do but right now I gotta do what I gotta do.

The Coffeehouse Invite: Tell us more about your new movie review blog!

Kato Guzman: I grew up in Rhode Island where I had a best friend, Chris Hopkins. When I moved out to California we lost touch for a bit but thanks to Facebook we started talking again a few years ago. Turns out even though we're on opposite sides of the country, we followed similar paths. We both started off going into film but found a calling with journalism. Neither one of us found work as a journalist though so we decided to start a website.

Its called DoubleEnGenre and its a play on words. There's two of us discussing genre films and what makes them great...or in my case what I hate about them. When I was in journalism school it was great because I was the go-to guy for reviews and I loved it and I miss it so this has become my outlet.

At DoubleEnGenre.com we do movie and television reviews and occasional editorials about the industry. I also tend to just hate everything so when a bad movie comes out I love ripping it to shreds. Some people think I force it but like when Anakin turned to the Dark Side, I just let the hate flow through me.

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The Coffeehouse Invite: What new projects can we expect in coming year?

I'm looking to get back into photography and really working on building up an audience for my site.

Kato Guzman: One of the big things I'm working on though is a comic book. I have a script and I've had a few artists look at it and got some character designs but I'm having trouble finding someone dedicated. My goal is to get this short script I wrote drawn out and then I'll take it with my treatment to pitch it to comic companies. So if anyone out there is looking to go the distance in the comic book industry let me know!

The Coffeehouse Invite: Looking for anyone to collaborate with?

Kato Guzman: Part of building an audience is working with other people so I'm looking to have guests appear with reviews on my site, I'm looking to write more for others sites once things settle down and I'm also looking for an artist for my comics.

The best way to find me is on Twitter @GuzmanKato or on Instagram @DarthCinnamonBuns

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Hello! I'm Lailani Africa. Singer-songwriter, Creator of CHI and Coffeehouse Lover. Let's grab a cup of coffee.

Hello! I'm Lailani Africa. Singer-songwriter, Creator of CHI and Coffeehouse Lover. Let's grab a cup of coffee.

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