Personal Training Review: 8 Reasons to work out with Pazitive Transformation!

For most of my life I've been active by playing sports, taking hula, other dance classes and yoga. I had times where I would go to the gym everyday then had long months away from the gym. My weight also fluctuated a lot. Through the years I weighed from 100-134 pounds. I'm 5ft. I had my chubbier days during my senior year of high school then lost all the weight during college when I took up cardio kick-boxing and yoga. I was 18 and losing weight was easier back then. That dreaded "Freshman 15" came and the "Happy-weight" kicked in and now I am 27 years old at 130 Lbs.

Usually I'm pretty private about my weight because of insecurities growing up of having to fit the "mold". My weight was always pointed out as a teenager. I would hear comments such as "you should only weigh this much. You're getting so fat."  It gets hurtful at times and sometimes I just ignore it. It's the worst when you're actively working out, feel so good about yourself and someone criticizes your weight. Sometimes the biggest critics are your own family. It's part of the reason why I don't like people to know how much I weigh. But now I don't care! I'm working out eating healthy and feeling more energized. When I was 100 lbs, I had a bad diet and felt really frail. Now at 130 and working out, I feel a lot stronger than I did. I felt like 115 was my happy weight so I still have 15 lbs to shed. I started to train with Andrea from Pazitive Transformation in July this year. I'm glad I did! Here are 8 reasons to work out with Pazitive Transformation.


1. Go at your own pace


Andrea let's you know it's okay to go at your own pace! There is no pressure to exert yourself. During my first session with her, I told myself I was going to fight through the last set of exercises. Big mistake. I threw up in public. Thank goodness for the trash can. haha. But if you really don't feel well be honest! We gradually build our strength and endurance so she let me know it was okay to tell her I can't do anymore...(Those burpees will get you...;D)


2. Exercises are tailored to your goals

giphy (6).gif

I had a trainer who pointed out what areas he thought I needed to work on. That made me feels super insecure and uncomfortable working with him. I canceled my session with him.  Andrea made me feel comfortable with talking about what my fitness goals are. She also checks in with you during the week to see how your exercises are going. It's not a one size fits all. Your work out plan will be tailored to your goals.


3. Offers Personal Coaching Sessions as Part of training

She's a great listener and it was nice to have someone who you can relate to! She's easy to open up to. There was one week when I was discouraged because people were commenting on my weight. I was feeling good and working out more and people were saying how much weight I've gained. I know I've gained weight through out the years. My weight fluctuated through out the years. I used to be 100 lbs when I was 18 and now at 27 I am around 130. I felt comfortable opening up to her and it helps having someone to relate to.


4. Gives advice on eating habits


Part of your fitness is also changing your eating habits. Andrea gave me great advice. I usually give in to my cravings, but she reminds you of what your goals are and shares tips on eating habits. She doesn't make you feel like you have to give up a certain food. You can still have foods you like, but in moderation. I still eat what I like, but I won't stuff myself.  


5. Great Equipment and Work Out Area (and she has Chickens!!)


Andrea is equipped with new fitness equipment! She has a great space in her backyard. Newly remodeled with a grass area, TRX straps, weights, and other new equipment. She also has a nice little farm with chickens! It's a fun space and I love working out there. Don't worry they won't be running around you while you work out. :) 


6. Provides a variety of different work outs


I never got bored with the work outs because Andrea always added and tried new things with my work outs. One week we did a stair work out. She added a TRX workout which I loved! I actually purchased my own that I do at home. We also did deadlifting and squats which I've always wanted to do! I was always afraid of hurting myself, but Andrea made sure I had the correct form. She also provides a weekly sheet of the exercises/guide to help you during the week.

7. She'll make you do box jumps and you will have fun


One of the most challenging, not because it required super strength but I was so scared to jump! Haha. It wasn't too high, but when I was going to jump on it, I started to second guess myself. I thought I was going to trip and fall over. The first jump is always the hardest. The key is to be confident in your jump and you can do it.


8. You will feel great!

Before starting my personal training session with her, I felt so stressed out. I was always making excuses not to go to the gym. I'm more aware of what I am eating. I feel a lot stronger. When I first started I couldn't even 1 push up. That's when I knew I was out of shape. In about a month of training with her. I was able to go from 0 push-ups to 20! Within 2 months I was able to do the Pike exercise on the TRX. With consistency and a determined mindset, you can definitely reach your fitness goals.

After taking personal training sessions with Andrea, it has got me to think of fitness as a life-long priority. Honestly, I still have a difficult time balancing fitness and the rest of my life, but it's great to have guidance from someone like Andrea to help achieve your goals! We don't have to do it alone. :)

If you're interested in personal training please check out her website. I hear she may be setting up bootcamp or TRX classes in the future and also be one of our guests on the blog. ;)