Tea Lyfe Hosts First Music Night Lyfe in San Jose

Tea Lyfe's Music Night Lyfe event brings out the San Jose community for a night of local music! It was held last Saturday (7/23) right outside their shop located in San Jose's Vietnam Town. Good company, drinks and music added to the welcoming atmosphere at Tea Lyfe. I was very happy to be able to participate in this event. Other performances included talented local artists, Lucas Gordan, Angelique Lucero, Israel Sanchez and Socorra. It is a blessing to have been around the music community and being able to see the arts cultivate here in San Jose. Israel and Candy shared their personal stories about Eastside San Jose and hearing how much they represent their city resonated with many. Sharing our stories is what connects us and brings our community together. I definitely experienced that during the event. If you have a chance, come by Tea Lyfe! Thank you to the owners of Tea Lyfe, Candy and Caleb, for creating a positive and creative space for others to enjoy. 

Photo by Tea Lyfe  (tealyfe.us)

Photo by Tea Lyfe (tealyfe.us)