Write 14 songs in 28 days.

Challenge Accepted. Every year in February FAWN hosts a songwriting challenge. The challenge is to write 14 songs on 28 days. After a long hiatus in songwriting, I decided to take on this challenge. I used to write everyday and songs felt like they wrote themselves. With different responsibilities and priorities, my songwriting became on the bottom of the list. Now I want to revive my passion and exercise my writing skills once again. A few years ago I joined the challenge, but I did not remain consistent in creating everyday. I must remain committed to my goal to see growth as a writer. I will reserve at least an hour a day to create. It is a challenge to get into the flow of things again, but I will make the most of this experience.

A few weeks ago I created a list of songwriting tips that will help you get through writer’s block. One of our readers, Andy Getch, shared a few tips of his own.

I write about what has meaning to me. I write about what I know OR Research. Observe. Carry a notebook, or put notes on a phone or tablet of interesting events, things people say, mannerisms and quirks. Find something interesting or unusual in the ordinary. Put two or more things, people, events, circumstances or ideas together that may not seem like they fit together. Use limitations of time, word choices, genre, etc. to help with choices in a song. Try different instruments, different time signatures, tempos, chord progressions, the unusual, anything to send my subconscious in a new direction. Most importantly, write often, give myself permission to write without judgment, I can always edit later, and participate in supportive group challenges like February Album Writing Month which starts in three weeks http://fawm.org” 

I want to hear your thoughts! How do you stay motivated? Feel free to leave a comment with any more tips on writing below.